Benefit from our image counseling tips. Do you want to benefit from the advice of a Personal Shopper without moving from home or with us?

You can contact us and ask for an appointment to do it in person or if you are much more comfortable online, we can advise you. We propose to improve your image in two quick, simple and economical ways. Now, you can enhance your beauty with a personalized advice through our services and online:

“Discover which clothes fit better and which colors highlight your beauty right now.“

Telas de colores


Know which colors favor you and which is not essential to get a good image. You will see how your appearance changes immediately. You will discover the tones that best fit you and how to make the best combinations. We will analyze your skin tone, the color of your hair and your eyes through a totally personalized study. Through an analysis with handkerchiefs we will identify what your colors are so that your image improves from the first moment.

You will see how useful you are!

Is delivered:

  1. Color chart
  2. Custom report with your colors and combinations
  3. Gift pocket color palette

Price: 50 euros

morfología del cuerpo femenino


How do we do it? We will study your image by analyzing in detail your silhouette, your shapes and your style. You will learn to make the most of your image, getting your beauty to stand out and feel confident with your appearance. We will teach you how to boost your incredible points and to camouflage others. You will discover which are the clothes that favor you the most, the fabrics that best fit you, the accessories that enhance your beauty and the prints that highlight your body.

Is delivered:

  1. Personalized dossier with all the information and photographs you need to enhance your beauty.
  2. Gift table pocket morphology

Price: 100 euros


You will discover all the keys to get the most out of your image and feel precious on any occasion. You will learn to combine the garments, fabrics, prints, accessories, complements and colors that you feel good. We teach you to highlight the strengths of your figure and to camouflage the weak so that your beauty is the protagonist. You will know which colors favor you and which do not. This is very important to show off a good face every day. You will see how interesting and useful it is for you. Complete and personalized studio adapted 100% to you and your style.

You’re going to love it!

Is delivered:

  1. Color chart
  2. Report what you liked most with your favorite colors and combinations.
  3. Gift Pocket Pallet

Price: 90 euros


Closet Organization and Order

Yes, as you are reading. If you cheer up, we slip into your dressing room to make it a perfect closet. We will discard the clothes and accessories that you can do without because they do not favor or do not fit your style. We’ll identify those key pieces you need to complete a good closet bottom. We will teach you new combinations so that you can use all your clothes. We will create sets with the clothes in your closet and we will take pictures for you to use your personal book when you do not know what to wear. The result is a closet made to measure for you. Ordered, practical and adapted to your tastes and needs.

Is delivered:

  1. Option to deliver via email or USB memory (60 € extra).
  2. Dossier in pdf with analysis performed.
  3. Gift a custom manikin so that each day you hang the CERTAL SETS.

Price: 150 euros for 3 hours and 50 euros for extra hours

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All our IDEAS to make you more happy with your image and be impeccable for every occasion.

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