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☆ Enjoy our “EL BOTXO” city in a more PERSONAL way.


It is a Project that arises from my concerns,  combining “SETS” ideas from the main sectors, that move in my BILBAO:


“Every new friend that we win in the race of life perfects us and enriches even more by what we discover ourselves, than by what he gives us.”


Writer and Philosopher of Bilbao


“The creative process is the soul of our kitchen and I cook for restlessness, pure curiosity”


Chef of the Restaurant Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao


“A good designer must be an architect for form, painter for color, musician for harmony and philosopher for measure”.


Designer Haute Couture of the Basque Country (Getaria)

Certificate of commitment to innovation

Thanks to the BASQUE GOVERNMENT Department of Tourism and Trade, and BASQUETOUR Basque Tourism Agency have granted us the “i” of innovative company for our commitment and effort with innovation within the tourism sector in EUSKADI.

From CERTAL Sets Tours we want to continue participating in consolidation a more sustainable tourism that respects the environment and local cultures. Our commitment as a private sector company becomes an essential component of continuous improvement and innovation.

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Logo of the Department of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government
Bilbao Bizkaia Card logo

And thanks to BILBAO Tourism we have joined the BILBAO BIZKAIA Card which is a card that contains public transport and all the cultural and leisure offerings, for you all you have to enjoy. The Bilbao Bizkaia Card can be purchased directly at the various Bilbao Tourism offices in the City or on the Internet www.bilbaobizkaiacard.com

Bilbao Bizkaia Card – 24h: 10,00 €
Bilbao Bizkaia Card – 48h: 15,00 €
Bilbao Bizkaia Card – 72h : 20,00 €

If you present any of this card, we will apply a discount of 5% discount for individual experience and a 10% discount to the complete pack of 3 experiences.

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