Abando is the only one of the districts of our city of Bilbao with all its constructed territory which occupies the center. It was an old ante-church, San Vicente de Abando is also known by this name. In addition, he had the seat and vote 34 in the General Meetings of Vizcaya.

Ensanche is a land located dedicated to the buildings on the outskirts of Bilbao in Century XIX. It arose by the enlargement of the city, due to the fact that the railroad had to demolish the old walls.

This tour consists of a 2-hour guided tour of Abando-Ensanche with its main streets and buildings such as: Ensanche Market, Isozaki Towers, Aburto House: Illustrious Bar Association of the Lordship of Vizcaya, San Vicente de Abando Church, Albia Gardens , Bilbao City Hall, Abando Station, Diputación Building and Lyons Place.

Price: 25 euros person, groups consult.

For reservations and more information: toursbilbao@certalsetstours.com

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