Who am I?

Beatriz Álvarez Certal

My name is BEATRIZ and I would like to be your PERSONAL: Guide, Assistant and / or Shopper in my city BILBAO. A combination that brings together my great passions and concerns since I was a child: culture, gastronomy and fashion that move in the incredible city of Bilbao.

I am a PERSONAL Guide because through the shopping routes, I began to meet many visitors who wandered around Bilbao and its surroundings, with a map in hand. I liked to accompany them and show them every corner of my city while telling them different stories, just like my father did in my childhood. For this reason I decided to create the TOURS BILBAO section, where we highlight the possibility of making combinations = SETS with cultural, gastronomic and shopping itineraries.

Also, I can be your PERSONAL Assistant to take you for gastronomic walks to discover all our gastronomy, world-renowned and try from the pintxos to succulent menus. The creativity of the pintxos bars is spectacular and the menus in restaurants, you can find both traditional and international style: GASTROMOMIC WALKS another section.

And as a bonus, your PERSONAL Shopper ,because I want to help you get more performance to your wardrobe and also to improve your image, both with new acquisitions and managing everything that you do not wear, but that continues to say a lot about you and has great potential . I will try to forget the phrase “I do not have time for myself” with the SHOPPING ROUTES section. Also, usually many people around me ask me to accompany them with the shopping routes. All this made me think about my true vocation: fashion. For all this, I create what I call CERTAL SETS, a series of proposals in which I combine very special clothing and accessories that I discover in the different and versatile clothing stores in Bilbao. They are creations in which I mix expensive clothes with other cheaper ones and I give special importance to the color of the accessories.

Finally, the trade name CERTAL was inspired by my maternal grandfather, whom I did not know because he died very young. Certal is his surname and my family has always told me that I inherited a lot from him. It’s an exclusive surname because only about a hundred people have it in Europe.

Just give me a few seconds of your time and browse the contents taht I offer on this website. You will not regret it and I will soon have the pleasure of meeting you soon.

Enjoy it!

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